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Mr.Kamana Bahoumodom, the Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Togo in Beijing supports International Filial Piety Day with Ethical behavior education Initiative in the United Nations


2013年11月11日星期一,全球未来领袖组织中国区,联合国全球孝道日委员会 副秘书长刘洪利先生,拜会了多哥共和国驻华大使馆公使卡马纳参赞先生。刘洪利先生的另一个职务是使馆商务文化中心主任






On 11th November 2013, Mr.Liu Hongli, Deputy Secretary General from Global Future Leaders Organization (GFLO) China Region and Filial Piety Day Committee (FPDC), plays a visit to the Embassy of the Republic of the Togo in Beijing and welcomed by Mr.Kamana Bahoumodom, the Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of the Togo.

Mr.Liu introduces the United Nations Global Filial piety day activities, which is the only one International Day initiated by Chinese in the UN history. He said, the reason to initiated by GFLO is Today, so many people just celebrating their own birthday with happiness and forget these three most important relatives in their life: which is without earth mother and universal father, there will not have human being, without the day you were born but mother is most suffering and father is hardest, that will no your life. And without your teachers and friend’s help, you will not be growing up healthy and successfully.

Minister Counsellor says: This is a great creating new Ethical behavior education movement which like every Earth Day, someone initiative turn off light for one hour. Everyone get educated why we need to be low carbon life and protect environmental. If everyone obey this green action automatically on their own birthday, everyone will get educated in every year’s birthday. We believe this world will be more peaceful , more security and in better order.

The counsellor gives great support to this International Filial Piety Day activity initiated by Chinese in the United Nations and signs on the paper of “Express support for “International Day of Filial Piety” paper.

Mr.Liu expresses the thanks to the support form Togo people and government.

The counsellor says that in order to low carbon life and protect environmental, Togo government is hoping Chinese Solar energy companies can invest in Togo.

Detail reprot about Global Filial piety day is on: http://blacktiemagazine.com/society_october_2013/global_future_leaders_organization.htm

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