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As a traditional ISP and E-commerce operators, Embassy Bussiness & Cluture Net Center (EMBbiz.com) was providing IT service to more than 100 embassies in Beijing and many other domestic clients and world brand companies in China since 1999.

In the new century, EMBbiz.com strengthened the combination of the Internet to promote cultural exchange too.

In 2014, EMBbiz.com founded DIASIA( China Digital Information and Security Industry Association)as one of the main Initiate units.In July 2014, EMBbiz.com and DIASIA re-adjusted its core business into the following business subsidiaries :

-- ISP: Data center-Server hosting service ;
-- Bio-VISA.com for e Visa Cloud service;
-- Digital Community financing and construction
-- Bilateral Big Data (community) financing and construction;
-- (Youngsters) Cultural exchange activities--www.DigitalFutureLeader.com
-- Silk Road Node Station Space Swap

Today, the headquarters of EMBbiz.com and DIASIA have 20 thousand square meters of office and digital complex in Beijing and are operating with thousands net partners all over China with a overseas office in USA.

Our company philosophy is :

--Win-win cooperation


Embassy Business and Culture Center
Tel:+0086-10-63290792(China) +001-425-749-9888(U.S.A)
Address: WanXing Building A/B, No. 78 XiLu South 3rd Ring Road .Beijing, China